Javascript is Untyped


Javascript Mobile Detection


Liquid Water Effect (tweenable, and free)


Liquid Water effects for AS3, free and easy!

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Why Flash isn't Going to Die


Will it or won't it? To be honest: it's pretty simple, no. But there's real reasons why, read and learn why Flash will keep its niche and continue onward.

Top 10 Most Common Flash Myths


We all know flash is for specialized types of site. You should not use it to make a blog, you shouldn't build your average 90% text small business site out of it. But it does have places where it's abilities and workflow truly do make it advantageous over anything else out there. But lately, myths about it have made people want to stop using it even where it is best, because of some ideas that essentially broil down to myths. So I've made the top 10 of them and my answers to each.

Basics of Quaternions and Euler Angles


Learn the basics of using quaternions and euler angles in AS3.

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